ACE Group World

The Consensus Group

ACE Group World relies on the expertise and goodwill of many highly respected practitioners within the aesthetics industry to peer review our guidelines.

ACE Group World wishes to thank the following practitioners for their feedback and contribution.

Dr Raj Acquilla

Elizabeth Bardolph RN NIP

Dr Stephen Bassett

Sharon Bennett RN NIP

Helena Collier RN NIP

Dr Ben Coyle

Marie Dolan RN NIP

Dr David Eccleston

Dr Xavier Goodarzian

Michelle Irving RN NIP

Dr Ravi Jain

Dr Harryono Judodihardjo

Andrew Rankin RN NIP

Sharon King RN NIP

Dr Martyn King

Dr Sam Robson

Lou Sommereux RN NIP

Dr Askari Townshend

Dr Patrick Treacy

Frances Turner-Traill RN NIP

About Us

Due to the success of the former ACE Group, we have been asked by many practitioners all over the World to help provide this service globally. We are pleased to launch ACE Group World and looking forward to working with professional bodies and existing organisations in different countries to add to the ACE Group World community.

Mission Statement

ACE Group World is dedicated to providing expert guidance, support and advice to our members at any time when it is needed. Our mission is to be our members safety net in times of crisis, helping them through challenging, stressful and emotional times in the management of non-surgical aesthetic complications.

Our Faculty

ACE Group World is pleased to introduce you to our faculty of leading experts within the field of aesthetic medicine for the UK.

Our faculty members are drawn from a variety of disciplines to provide advice and guidance in conjunction with ACE Group World.

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