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Mission Statement

ACE Group World is dedicated to providing expert guidance, support and advice to our members at any time when it is needed. Our mission is to be our members safety net in times of crisis, helping them through challenging, stressful and emotional times in the management of non-surgical aesthetic complications.

The concept of ACE Group World first began in 2011, during a UK conference which focused on complications in aesthetic practice. It became very apparent that there was no consensus on the diagnosis and management of complications and very little evidence within the literature. Leading practitioners all seemed to be managing complications in different ways with widely variable outcomes.

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group World was created to produce evidence-based, peer reviewed, published and widely available guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis and management of complications in aesthetic medicine. ACE Group World recognises the importance of high quality training, professional development and ongoing learning to ensure patient safety is paramount.

ACE Group World is a vital resource to its members, providing advice and support via a 24 hour, 365 days a year, Emergency Helpline, by email support and an ACE Group World forum.


Based on evidence

ACE Group World are currently working on producing the most up to date clinical guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of the most common and most serious complications that may occur in non-surgical aesthetic practice. Our guidelines are evidence-based and peer reviewed by a wider consensus group of leading aesthetic practitioners. Once a guideline has been rigorously appraised, it will be freely available for all practitioners and circulated in appropriate aesthetic journals and via the ACE Group World website. Practitioners are able to register with us to have easy access to our guidelines, have access to expert advice and to report complications. Although voluntary, it is hoped that reporting of complications will be welcomed within the industry to promote best practice, provide help and support to practitioners and to improve data available on complications rates. Although ACE Group World facilitates the reporting of complications, it is not a substitute for reporting to manufacturers or regulatory bodies when this is required. ACE Group World are bound by professional guidance and where practice is deemed to be negligent, it may need to be referred to the appropriate professional body as outlined in Good Medical Practice.

ACE Group World also recommend that practitioners should have an Emergency Kit to be able to manage a potential complication as soon as it occurs to help produce the most favourable outcome.

ACE Group World has produced guidelines on what should be contained within an Emergency Kit and practitioners can easily order this via our website.


ACE Group World was formed to help improve patient safety in medical aesthetics by producing evidence-based, peer-reviewed guidelines for the management of a wide variety of complications in non-surgical aesthetic practice. We also aim to provide help and advice for practitioners who encounter a problem.

ACE Group World hosts a forum for practitioners to share advice on the management of complications. It also provides an Emergency Helpline, email support and on-line educational modules for its members. The members also benefit from workshops, conferences, and a faculty of national and international experts.

ACE Group World works with aesthetic organisations, professional bodies, media, pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, insurers and regulatory bodies to provide professional advice and benefit for its members. Our mission is to improve regulation in the medical aesthetics sector and to provide ACE Group World Patient Information Leaflets to inform the public about what to expect and what questions to ask. We constantly strive to raise standards and improve patient safety.

Check your practitioner is a member of ACE Group World.

About Us

Due to the success of the former ACE Group, we have been asked by many practitioners all over the World to help provide this service globally. We are pleased to launch ACE Group World and looking forward to working with professional bodies and existing organisations in different countries to add to the ACE Group World community.

Our Faculty

ACE Group World is pleased to introduce you to our faculty of leading experts within the field of aesthetic medicine for the UK.

Our faculty members are drawn from a variety of disciplines to provide advice and guidance in conjunction with ACE Group World.

The Consensus Group

ACE Group World relies on the expertise and goodwill of many highly respected practitioners within the aesthetics industry to peer review our guidelines.

The founders of ACE Group World would like to acknowledge and thank the following expert practitioners for their feedback and contributions.

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