Reporting A Complication

For ACE Group World to provide advice on your complication, please ensure you provide comprehensive information and photographs if required (with patient consent). Alternatively, complete the Report A Complication form and we will get back to you.

Reporting A Complication

For ACE Group World to provide specific advice on your complication, we need comprehensive information and photographs may be required. Patient consent should be obtained if contacting ACE Group World or posting on the ACE Group World forum. If insufficient information is provided, we may not be able to provide advice or post your enquiry to the forum.

Required information may include:
  • Confirmation of patient consent to post.
  • The date of the procedure.
  • The indications for the procedure.
  • The product used.
  • Volume/dose.
  • Skin preparation.
  • Sites of injection.
  • Brand of product used (Botulinum toxin, dermal filler, thread, etc).
  • If relevant; needle or cannula and gauge.
  • Any relevant medical or social history.
  • Previous treatments and how long ago.
  • The presenting symptoms of concern and timeline.
  • Your provisional diagnosis and rationale.
  • Any additional relevant information (review recent medical history and social activities).
Guidelines for posting photographs or videos:
If posting photographs or videos, please ensure adequate quality and the area of concern is appropriately captured.
  • Patient selfies in advance of your own face to face assessment are generally not reliable – wait until you have assessed face to face yourself.
  • Ensure good lighting.
  • Take full face, resting expression.
  • If helpful, oblique and profile.
  • If lumps in lips, then resting expression, smile and pucker.
  • If toxin, resting and animation, looking straight ahead.
  • If a video demonstrating capillary refill time, include a pre-treatment photograph (with make-up removed). Just one demonstration, without pressing, then pressing for 5 seconds and release (repeating is not necessary and may be uncomfortable for the patient).
  • Gloves should be worn when demonstrating capillary refill time or during examination.

We would also appreciate a follow up post detailing how the complication was resolved.

ACE Group World welcomes further discussion and feedback on this Reporting A Complication policy.

Updated September 2020

Report A Complication

If you wish to report a complication to ACE Group World for advice, for reporting to the MHRA or for anonymised statistical use, please use the ACE Group World Reporting Form.

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