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Professor Ewa Skrzypek

Professor Ewa Skrzypek


Born in Poland and a Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw. Since 1986, a full-time research worker and academic teacher in the Chair and Department of Pathomorphology, Medical University of Warsaw. At present, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of the History of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw.

Member of the Scientific Committee, lecturer and practical trainer of the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine, Polish Medical Society in Warsaw, from which she was graduated with Honours, submitting the study entitled “Granulomas as a complication of facial soft tissue fillers”.

Long-term interest in complications after aesthetic medicine procedures, in particular, with the use of fillers. Her study findings having been presented at numerous congresses and conferences in Poland and abroad. She is also a trainer in this field with over a decade of experience. She has long been working on the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary system of diagnosing complications based on the combination of clinical examination, ultrasonography and histopathological assessement with broadly understood cooperation of other specialists, including psychologist.

Author of numerous publications in the field of pathomorphology, aesthetic medicine and history of medicine, including several monographs, awarded numerous prizes, among others, of the Minister of Health of Poland and Rector of Medical University of Warsaw.