DNA-test for filler treatments

Why a DNA-test?

You want to have fillers or already have them.
You have selected a very knowledgeable practitioner, who is using the best materials.
However, you do not know how your own immune system will respond to the fillers.
That’s what this test is for.

Fillers and your genetic predisposition

A filler treatment is a safe, non-surgical cosmetic treatment. However, sometimes things can go wrong even if the treatment is correct and professionally carried out.
You may have a genetic predisposition that makes your own immune system reacts in an extreme manner to fillers. The fillers are then rejected by your body, which can cause serious complications and lifelong discomfort.
To determine whether this is the case for you, the  Bsure DNA test for filler treatments can play a crucial role.

Bsure DNA Test

Bsure has developed a unique DNA test that shows whether your genetic predisposition can cause an increased risk of serious complications from fillers. The test was developed in collaboration with 4  renowned doctors and researchers at medical universities in Spain and the Netherlands.

Why is the Bsure DNA test important to you?

Filler treatments in general are safe and the risk for complications is low.  Several studies show that serious complications can occur with on average 1 out of 70 people. The scientific research on which the Bsure DNA test is based indicates that if you have a certain genetic predisposition there is more than 80% chance of serious complications.
A positive result of the Bsure DNA test confirms that you have this genetic predisposition. In this case it is not recommended to proceed to a filler treatment.

The mission of Bsure

Bsure’s mission is to inform everyone who is considering a filler treatment – or has already done – about an optimal and safe treatment. Bsure is a social enterprise and reinvest earnings in further research to support its mission. The medical team associated with Bsure has years of experience and a lot of expertise in the field of filler treatments and possible complications.
Bsure’s DNA test can help doctors identify and prevent serious complications.

How do I get the Bsure DNA test?

The BSURE Filler Test is exclusively available via Wigmore Medical.